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About us

PT. Phillippe Surya Pratama is one of welding companies which developed rapidly in Indonesia since established in 2010. Emphasize on product quality and economic prices, we able to excel in global market competition and cooperate with some industries, such as; mining, oil and gas, automotive, foundry, etc.

In today's business climate, PT. Phillippe Surya Pratama keeps innovatively offering various products and services to overcome your welding problems, like: TIG and MIG/MAG welding, ARC & GAS welding, brazing, torch & solders, and welding equipment & accessories.

PT. Phillippe Surya Pratama puts the hard efforts to address challenges such as global competition, market consolidation, talent shortages, heightened expectation from customers and shareholders. To meet those challenges, we must able to respond and transform the business process quickly, simply, and with a minimum additional cost without reduce the quality itself.


With our people who has experienced and dedicated themselves in welding industry more than ten years, PT. Phillippe Surya Pratama believes that we are on the right track and will develop to fulfill the needs of our customers. PT. Phillippe Surya Pratama also hires the expert on each field. With the business management that well-organized and supported by trustable system and facility, we able to give the best service for our customers.


"Treat Customers as a Family"

PT. Phillippe Surya Pratama not only sells product but also cares towards your welding problems. We accompany our customers for instance; we do care about the welding technique from the beginning until the very end. We will give our best welding planning and solution which is suitable for your needs, and we will also assist to increase your welder's knowledge about welding.

We are pleased to examine any special request. Please do not hesitate to consult with us.


Dear Customers,

It is an honor for us to get a chance to give our best welding service to you. We have dedicated ourselves in welding industry more than couple years ago and has committed that our product and service that we give is our best.

We believe that our in-depth local market knowledge, well-established network, shared back office service and strategically located facilities could be our unique value. We also believe that welding industry in Indonesia steel perspective in line with the growing of metal industry.

Thank you for being a part of us and put your trust on us in welding matters. We ensure that our company grows as well as with the business partner.